A Champion Muay Thai Fighter Decided To Join ISIS, Only To Be Killed By ISIS

July 23, 2015
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A Champion Muay Thai Fighter Decided To Join ISIS, Only To Be Killed By ISIS

Valdet Gashi was a Muay Thai fighter who won a European title and was twice a world champion. In January of 2015, Gashi left Germany, his native country,  and told friends he was headed to Thailand for training. Well, as it turned out, Gashi didn’t land in Thailand at all; instead, he had plans of going and joining ISIS.

And that’s what he did, without letting anybody know.

Around May, some Swiss journalists got a hold of Gashi, and during a phone interview, learned that he had joined ISIS. To make matters worse, Gashi apparently opened up a MMA school, where some teenagers, who also joined ISIS, were training.

via Russia Today:


‘There he had trained three young men at the ages from 16 to 20, all of whom along with the sister of the one of the trainees also joined ISIS and left for Syria. All three trainees attended the same mosque in Winterthur, 20 Minuten reported.


“I want to do something good and to die while doing it. That is what would make me happy,” he said. He also asked his friends and family not to denounce his decision as “they did not know the whole story,” he Switzerland’s 20 Minuten news.’


Earlier this month, Gashi’s brother informed news outlets of his death in Syria. According to the IB Times, Gashi was attempting to flee with a group of people, before getting caught, and ultimately killed by ISIS.

It’s a sad story indeed, but one that should serve as a teaching tool for those who aren’t fully informed of the situation.


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