Bill Murray Calls Cardinals’ Fans ‘Satan’s Messenger’s On Earth'(Video)

July 9, 2015
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Bill Murray Calls Cardinals’ Fans ‘Satan’s Messenger’s On Earth'(Video)

Legendary comedian and noted Chicago Cubs loyalist Bill Murray took part in the John Deere Classic Pro-Am at TPC Deere Run in Illinois, but took time to poke fun at the Cubs’ biggest rivals, the Cardinals.

Of course, Murray had a ton of ammo of work with, in wake of the Cardinals’ recent hacking scandal into the Astros’ databases.


‘He asked if any fans saw his beloved Cubs sweep St. Louis in a double-header Tuesday. One woman behind the ropes said she was a Cardinals fan.


“Satan’s messengers on Earth,” was the way Murray described the Cardinals.


“And then it turns out your team is cheaters, too,’’ he added.


‘A few steps away, a boy with a Cardinals hat asked for an autograph. Murray signed, then noticed the red cap. “Are you a Cardinals fan? Get out of here. Rotten kid.”


Forgive Bill, as he’s just excited because it’s the first time the Cubs have been good in a while.

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