Dez Bryant Told A Columnist: ‘You’re A Sucky Writer’

August 21, 2015
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Dez Bryant Told A Columnist: ‘You’re A Sucky Writer’

A column from the Dallas Morning News came out on Friday over Dez Bryant’s involvement with a few fights that’s taken place this training camp, and got the attention of the Cowboys’ star receiver.

Writer David Moore castigated Bryant, and claims that he’s now become a problem for the team, despite recently agreeing to a new lucrative deal.


‘You’ve heard it all before. You’ll read it here later as head coach Jason Garrett and executive vice president Stephen Jones address Bryant’s actions during the team’s two days of practice against the Rams.


Here’s what they don’t say. Passion doesn’t give a person the right to act or lash out whenever he or she wants. An impulsive display of passion often results in reckless or irresponsible behavior.


When passion is constantly extolled as a virtue, when it’s lauded as someone’s defining trait, that person will feel all actions are justified because, well, they just care more than anyone else.


This notion needs to be rejected. Is Bryant any more passionate about his craft than Tyron Smith, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Barry Church or countless other players on this roster?


No. Club officials know this, but they walk a fine line.’


After reading the article, Dez fired back at Moore, tweeting at him to call him a ‘sucky writer’ before deleting the tweet.



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