KG Calls Out The Nuggets For Quitting On Brian Shaw(Video)

March 5, 2015
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KG Calls Out The Nuggets For Quitting On Brian Shaw(Video)


Even though his Wolves had just lost the Nuggets, Kevin Garnett didn’t back down from calling out them out for quitting on former head coach Brian Shaw.

When asked if he thought the Nuggets would come out and play well, KG gave an honest and blunt answer:


“To be honest, they quit on Brian Shaw,” he said. “I thought they’d quit again. A quitter is a quitter. That was my take on that, but if you’ve got any kind of self-pride about your future, then you want to anticipate someone playing hard. I didn’t really think about the Denver Nuggets and how they was going to come out tonight. I was more concerned about us and us going forward and being better.”



Shaw was fired by the Nuggets this week after numerous reports of him not getting along with the players, as well as players counting down the days until the end of the season during pregame huddles.


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