Manager: Jon Jones MMA Career Could Be Over

May 5, 2015
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Manager:  Jon Jones MMA Career Could Be Over

Following Jon Jones fleeing from the scene of a fatal accident, he was indefinitely suspended by the UFC, and according to his manager Malai Kawa, that could be it for his MMA career.

“It could very well be the last time we’ve seen Jon Jones in the Octagon,” Kawa told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I think Jon Jones is gonna focus on Jon Jones. I think he’s gonna take the time to do whatever he’s gotta do. And if it’s the last time we’ve seen him fight, it’s the last time we’ve seen him fight. And I’m OK with that.”

Jones was released from San Bernaillo County (New Mexico) on a continued bond of $2,500. The UFC announced that same night that he would be stripped of his light heavyweight title and suspended indefinitely. Jones may still be brought to a grand jury, so obviously at this point his MMA title is hardly the most pressing thing on his mind.

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