Percy Harvin Opens Up About Why He Fought Doug Baldwin And Golden Tate While With The Seahawks

August 17, 2015
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Percy Harvin Opens Up About Why He Fought Doug Baldwin And Golden Tate While With The Seahawks

One of the NFL’s most shocking trades in the past year happened during last season’s trade deadline when the Seahawks shipped out dynamic receiver Percy Harvin to the Jets, for practically nothing.

Now a member of the Buffalo Bills, Harvin spoke to The Buffalo News, and opened up about what led to his departure from Seattle, which included rifts with fellow receivers Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate.


‘When Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate weren’t getting the ball in practice, Harvin said they’d protest. They’d pout on the sideline or switch up their positions in the offense from “X” receiver to “Z,” to “F,” to whoever could get the ball on that play.


To Harvin, the two felt threatened.


“It was a constant thing,” Harvin said. “It was something that got under my skin. I felt like they were acting like kids.”


The constant pouting would ultimately lead Harvin into fighting the two of them. He reportedly got into it with Tate the week prior to Super Bowl XLVIII, and body-slammed him, before going at it with Baldwin during training camp in 2014.


‘Here today, Harvin explains how the blow-ups were months in the making. First, he claims both players viewed him “as a threat, rather than a teammate.” He talked to coaches. He talked to Tate and Baldwin. Harvin vows he tried to make it work, even as both lobbied for the ball.


Yet leading up to the Super Bowl, privately and publicly, Harvin couldn’t fathom what he heard.


“We all played the same position. So me coming in took reps from them,” Harvin said. “They wanted to show they were already established having made it to the NFC Championship the year before I got there. So they kind of had the approach of, ‘We don’t need anybody else. We’re established.’ ”


A sense of insecurity? “Exactly, exactly,” he repeats.’


Harvin hasn’t spoken with Tate or Baldwin since leaving the Seahawks.

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