RGIII Is Now The Redskins’ Scout Team Safety

September 13, 2015
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RGIII Is Now The Redskins’ Scout Team Safety

Either the Redskins’ hate for RGIII has reached an all-time high, or their never-ending dysfunction with the former no. 2 overall pick has reached a level of absurdity.

Apparently, the Redskins found a new role for their once heralded quarterback: play scout team safety.

via NFL.com:


‘Why are the Redskins keeping Griffin on the roster?


That question became especially difficult to answer this week based on occurrences during practices when Griffin, according to multiple team sources, was running with the scout team defense as a safety. Yes … a safety.’


It should be noted that this isn’t too uncommon in the NFL. Third-string QBs are sometimes called upon to take reps on the scout team defense during practice.

But when it’s a former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback doing it, it sure seems borderline disrespectful.

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