UberX Driver Arrested For Attempting To Break Into A Woman’s Home After Dropping Her Off

April 1, 2015
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UberX Driver Arrested For Attempting To Break Into A Woman’s Home After Dropping Her Off


51-year-old Gerald Montgomery, an UberX driver in Denver, Colorado, was arrested for second-degree burglary on Tuesday after he tried breaking into a woman’s home after he dropped her off at the airport.

Montgomery was not aware that the woman’s roommate was home, and she called the cops.


‘According to a Denver police report, Montgomery tried to break into the home through a back door but was unsuccessful. He fled when someone inside noticed him, the report says.


“That’s my worst fear — letting people know where I live,” said businesswoman Charity Huff, 40, who frequently uses the service at home in the Denver area and when traveling for work.


“It has crossed my mind before, but this will make me think twice,” she said.


Huff said she’s never feared for her personal safety, and has left her computer and other possessions in a hired car while she ran into a store for a quick purchase.


Uber officials said they have spoken with Montgomery’s passenger, refunded her ride and let her know that Montgomery, who operated on the UberX platform, has been deactivated. UberX drivers operate their own vehicles and are not subject to the same license requirements as taxi or livery drivers.’


Montgomery had passed full criminal and driving history background checks before becoming an Uber driver, including a three-step screening that includes county, federal and multi-state checks. He also has no criminal history.

He’s set to appear in court on Friday.


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